My 2 cents on the Duck Dynasty controversy

I’ve had the chance for a few days to read the comments following Phil Robertson’s interview with GQ magazine and A&E’s subsequent suspension of Phil from Duck Dynasty. There appear to be a wide range of opinions and concerns on this topic. From a free speech perspective, Phil was well within his rights as was A&E in suspending him since A&E does not have to employ someone with whom they disagree.
From a theological perspective Phil merely stated a biblical truth, albeit a bit crassly. I’m glad his family chose to stand with him. I’m also encouraged by the support of many fans for his biblical views.
However, It is troubling to me, as it should be to many preachers and Christians, that a biblical view on the issue of homosexuality is simply not tolerated within American culture. Coupled with the Colorado judge’s demand that a private business bake a wedding cake for a homosexual couple, these situations illustrate the marginalization of biblical views on sin. It is also troubling to me that some equate Phil’s view with hate speech or intolerance. God himself is intolerant of sin because He is supremely holy. Remember that God judged all our sin (note the entire list of sins Phil mentioned) on the cross, and that judgement was terrible and not the least bit tolerant. While the cross represents God’s judgment on sin and us for that matter, it also shows God’s great love – not in overlooking our guilt, but in dealing with it.
Another thing about this issue troubles me is the failure of some to recognize the topic of homosexuality as both a political and personal issue. As a follower of Jesus I recognize homosexuality as a sin like any other – one He dealt with on the cross. Thus, in a personal setting I believe we are to treat everyone (regardless of their sin) with dignity, respect, and love. But our culture today raises this issue in a political way as well. Note for example with Phil Robertson that he quoted God in Scripture concerning a variety of sins and was suspended for only one stated sin – homosexuality. The desire of A&E to be politically correct trumped their “tolerance” of a view different than their own. As a believer whose authority is found in God’s Word, it is becoming increasingly unpopular to state His views on this subject. I guess it feels a little like the first believers whose views about Jesus were unpopular and marginalized in the Greco-Roman world.

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