I have a habit that I’m sure some of you have as well.  I ask people when I see them, “How are you doing?” Now, to be honest sometimes I simply offer that question as a replacement for saying, “Hi.” But I have a friend who always answers me, “Chris, you know how I’m doing, I’m blessed.”   He is right and wise.  We are so blessed.

Last night in our worship service, we had the privilege of listening to our very own Hope Academy lead us in worship.  From the smiles on their faces and the song sung from their lips, you might not guess that many of our Hope Academy students struggle with various handicaps.  But if you were present last night, you would definitely notice they believe themselves to be blessed.

The glorious truth is that we have a God who reigns, who entered into this sinful world to save us, and who loves us and has blessed us beyond measure.  So, if your day hasn’t been the best, if you’ve been up most of the night (with a coughing child or stress or a big decision or anything else for that matter), or if you’ve just got more to do than you have time to accomplish, pause and remember, that you’re BLESSED.

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