Mud Creek and Mission Kenya

On our first workday in Kenya, we divided into two groups.  Group 1 (Nathan, Kelly, Brent, Leigh and Nick) stayed at the house and helped with the building.  Group 2 (Dennis, Scott, Brian, and myself) divided in two more groups with two local pastors to visit homes and evangelize door to door.  Before we separated, one of the older gentlemen present at the house construction let us know he was giving the team a goat as provision for lunch.  Pastor Shem, our ministry leader from the Kenyan Baptist Convention, let us know that the guest of honor was supposed to slaughter the goat.  As the pastor of the group and team leader that responsibility fell to me.  Nervous and faithless, I attempted to shift the duty to Brian when Dennis stepped up willingly.  As he slit the throat of that dying goat, the Spirit spoke to me about the message I was to give at the dedication (the details follow below).  Immediately, we left to make our visits.  Brian and I went with Pastor Peter and Kelvin visiting about 10 homes, speaking with 14 people, and witnessing 7 of those profess faith in Christ.  While it appeared some of those professions might not have been first time professions of faith, I’m confident that we not only presented the gospel clearly, but that a number of those with whom we prayed were genuinely converted.  We will trust the Lord with these professions and pray for the pastors as they follow up with them in the coming weeks.  It was a unique pleasure to see God work and move among the villagers today.  In total nearly 20 people made professions while double that number invited us into their homes where we were able to offer encouragement and a word from Scripture.  Upon our arrival back at the house, we learned Leigh was asked to slaughter a chicken, which she did nervously but courageously.  Instead of building a home for a widow, we built for a widower, Isaiah.  His wife recently died just after childbirth and his baby is in the hospital now.  At the dedication, Dennis gave a clear testimony of his faith in Christ, and I borrowed a sermon from Johnny Tiller about the lamb throughout Scripture.  I referenced the lamb for a man in Genesis, the lamb for a family in Exodus, and the Lamb for mankind in Jesus Christ on the cross.   I couldn’t have been more proud of our team on day 1 of our ministry for handling new experiences with boldness and grace—for willingly giving of themselves to serve and love others—and for sharing the glorious gospel of Christ to those who were open and responsive to it.  In the posts that follow, I’ll share about the rest of our trip. 

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