Sermons and Podcasts

My aim in preaching and teaching is to introduce hearers to Jesus Christ through the authority of the Bible. As a pastor, professor, and writer my foundation is the Bible. It is both my privilege and responsibility to help others understand and apply God’s Word to everyday life.


Video archives of sermons from Dr. Chris Hefner are available from Wilkesboro Baptist Church at YouTube, Vimeo, and FaceBook.


Sermon audio is available wherever podcasts are found. Search “Wilkesboro Baptist Church” on your podcast app. Theology and Apologetics Lectures are below.

Theology 101 Introduction, Syllabus, What is Theology?
Theology 101 Revelation (General and Special)
Theology 101 Revelation (Inspiration, Inerrancy, Authority)
Theology 101 Doctrine of God (Greatness Attributes)
Theology 101 Doctrine of God (Ethical Attributes and Trinity)
Theology 101 Doctrine of God (Creation and Providence)
Theology 101 Doctrine of Humanity
Theology 102 Introduction Christology (Part 1)
Theology 102 Introduction Christology (Part 2)
Theology 102 Christology (Person of Christ Part 1)
Theology 102 Christology (Person of Christ Part 2)
Theology 102 Christology (Jesus as Prophet, Priest, and King)
Theology 102 Christology Resurrection and Introduction to Pneumatology
Theology 102 Pneumatology Baptism of the Spirit and Introduction to Soteriology
Theology 102 Soteriology Election and Regeneration
Theology 102 Soteriology Union with Christ, Adoption, and the Extent of Salvation
Theology 102 Ecclesiology Part 1
Theology 102 Ecclesiology Part 2
Theology 102 Eschatology

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