Dr. Chris Hefner

Sr. Pastor
Wilkesboro Baptist Church
Fruitland Baptist Bible College

Follower of Jesus Christ. Husband to a beautiful wife and fantastic mom, Jean Hefner.  Daddy of two boys, William and Nathan. Senior Pastor at Wilkesboro Baptist Church.  Author of Commissioned: Leading our Neighbors and the Nations to Follow Jesus. Professor of Western Civilization and Theology at Fruitland Baptist Bible College.   Ph.D. graduate from the Billy Graham School of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Pastor, Speaker, Author.


On twitter: @chrishefner

Facebook: Chris Hefner

Wilkesboro Baptist Church 336-677-1271


2 thoughts on “Dr. Chris Hefner

  1. Chris, I have been interested in encouraging the ministry teams from Southern Wesleyan University for their summer travels. Your article on mission team prayers fits in perfectly. Thanks for the inspiration you had and the opportunity to share it with our students.


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