Reading List

The reading list below includes some of my favorite books that have shaped me and my thinking.  Also included are some books that I’m currently reading. Current Reading – The books below are some that I am currently reading and working through.

Recent Reading for Sermon Series–Currently, I’m preaching through the book of Jonah and in February, I preached a series on the Gospel and Biblical sexuality. Below are some resources I found helpful for both series.

Recommended Reading Theology – Every Christian does theology (some well, some not so well).  I believe it is an important aspect of Christian living and understanding.  The texts below have been instrumental in my theological development and spiritual growth.

Biography – One of the most inspiring Christian growth tools comes from reading biographies of great followers of Christ. The ones listed below have inspired me greatly.

Missions/Evangelism – The books below clarify God’s global disciple-making mission for the church by evangelizing, connecting new believers to local churches, and teaching them to follow Christ.

Preaching and Pastoring – Having a pastor’s heart and a burden for preaching, these texts have both challenged and shaped how I think about interpreting and communicating Scripture as well as shepherding God’s flock.

Apologetics – These books below have been seminal in helping me develop strong convictions and confidence in my Christian faith and a biblical worldview.

History – History is one of my great loves.  The books below are some of my favorites.

Christian Living – The following books have impacted my Christian life and practice.

Leadership – Leadership is required in today’s ministry setting.  These books address spiritual leadership in particular and the challenge to pastors to emulate Christ-like leadership.


One thought on “Reading List

  1. Pastor Chris,
    Just found this page after speaking with you this morning. Great to see! I read Basic Christianity as a new believer in my 20s. Found it after trying to read Mere Christianity which I found to be too much for me at the time.


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