Is Christmas Alive to You?

I know the holidays are a busy. We are finishing up all the details related to the end of the year. We are preparing for or going to Christmas parties. We are buying presents or helping out others. We are working, serving, going, and doing. But in those quiet moments when nothing else is going on, what is it that you feel?

Do you have moments where hopelessness pervades? Maybe you are in debt and can’t see where your next bill will come from much less Christmas gifts for the family. Maybe you’ve lost someone you love and can’t imagine how you will get along without them. Maybe your health is deteriorating and you can’t see how things will get better.

Do you have moments of trouble and discord with family and co-workers? Maybe there are unreconciled actions and emotions going on in your home. Maybe your work situation sows constant discord. Maybe you’re just worried about all the political and international tension that seems to only ever build and never heal.

Do you have moments where fear and foolishness pervade your life? Maybe your internal fears are paralyzing you. Maybe your constant activity, fretting, and discord has made you ill or led you to make reckless decisions. Maybe you just can’t get your mind off yourself, your troubles, and your needs.

Do you feel like you need a break? Do you feel like you need some hope? Peace? Joy? Love? Wisdom? KNOW this–Christ came at Christmas to meet us where we are and provide for us what we need. His life, death, and resurrection offer us biblical hope (absolute certainty) that we can have eternal life. He is the Prince of Peace and wants to calm the turmoil in your life if you will but trust in him. He is the very embodiment of joy itself and the reason so many familiar Christmas tunes are hopeful and joyful. Sing them with meaning. His arrival and gift of his life is the very definition of love. His love will change you, erase your fears, warm your heart, and make you generous. It is the first Christmas story that forms the basis for all the other Christmas stories where Grinches and Scrooges become joyful and generous. He is God’s wisdom incarnate. Will you look to his word and discover the wisdom to make the choices that are ahead of you?

You see, Christmas is alive because Jesus lives. He came to live for us, in us and through us. Will you allow him to bring you what you really need this Christmas? If you’d like to know more, join us for our Advent series at Wilkesboro Baptist Church. We’d love to have you visit the church or you can follow us online. You can find out more on our website. Wilkesboro Baptist Church

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