Will you join us as we pray for revival? 

Beginning this Sunday, Wilkesboro Baptist Church will host Dr. Greg Mathis in revival services. We look forward to Dr. Mathis joining us and anticipate what God will do as we meet. While we will have meetings, only God can grant a revival. Revival carries the idea that God pours out his Spirit of conviction and holiness, his people confess, repent, and experience the cleansing grace of God. 

According to 2 Chronicles 7:14, we (those who are called by God’s Name) must humble ourselves, pray, seek his face, and turn from our wicked ways. These conditions–humility, prayer, seeking God, and repentance are what we can do if we hope for God to send his Spirit during our meetings. Would you consider taking the time to pray during the next few days as we prepare for the series of meetings beginning on Sunday? 

  •  Pray for the Lord to fill Dr. Mathis with the Holy Spirit during the revival.
     Pray that WBC members and attenders would be receptive to God’s Word. 
  •  Pray for opportunities and boldness by WBC members and attenders to share the gospel and invite people to attend the revival.  
  •  Pray that the Holy Spirit would uncover and convict WBC members of sin
    that we might confess and repent.  
  •  Pray that the overflow of changed lives in our church would attract sinners to
    the gospel and that they might be saved.  
  •  Pray for church unity, love, and growth as we seek to make disciples.  
  •  Pray specifically for lost or wayward people.  
  •  Pray that God would send us outward to our neighbors and to the nations to
    share the gospel.

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