A Tumultuous Week


A week ago today, my family and I were recovering from a stay in the hospital with Nathan. We also learned a week ago today of a tragic death in the life of our church family at Wilkesboro Baptist.  As it turned out, he had a bad virus that took our generally happy 18 month old and made him a feverish lethargic little boy. You can tell from this recent picture, he’s doing much better.

My emotions last week were a wreck. When you are sent from the doctor to the lab to get blood work and from the lab results to the ER, it is never news you want to receive—especially when it is your child. I wish I could say my faith was solid as a rock, but it was not. Jean and I spent a fair amount of time last week questioning. But God taught me some important things from last week’s experience.

  1. God will never allow you to face more than “He” can bear. I’m certain I was in over my head last week, but God was not. We made it through the emotional roller coaster of last week on God’s grace and strength.
  2. Prayer is tremendously important. Many of you reading this blog prayed for us last week. My church family and friends were praying for us last week. And I sensed God’s grace, strength, and calmness through it all. He was faithful, and your prayers were felt.
  3. When the church cares, Christ is honored. All the cards, well-wishes, gifts, meals, and encouragements revealed how much we as a family are loved in our new home. Thank you for your love and care to our family last week.
  4. Even a little faith in a big God is enough. I knew “theologically” that the amount of faith is less important than the source of faith. After last week, I understand that to be true experientially as well. God provided grace, strength, healing, and calmness last week even when my “amount” of faith was truly not enough for what God provided.

This week has been one of reflection and gratitude. I want to thank you all for your prayers, thoughts, gifts, and meals. I want to brag on my church family specifically. Wilkesboro Baptist Church is a loving, caring church. You made my family and I feel loved, cared for, and prayed for. I’m honored to serve as your Senior Pastor and thankful God put you in our lives.

2 thoughts on “A Tumultuous Week

  1. When your child is seriously ill, you can grow Spiritually faster than any other time in your life ;I have found this to be true in my life. God bless you all.


  2. Nothing can shake a father/parent to their core as quickly as that of their child’s life being affected by an “unknown” medical emergency. We are all too easily defeated and seldom respond to a call for mercy and grace quickly enough. God’s blessings on you, Jean and the boys.


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