Suggestions for a Blessed Holiday Season


I’m beginning a new sermon series called ‘Tis the Season that will last through New Year. Over the next several weeks, I’ll be dealing with a variety of themes such as showing mercy, giving thanks, as well as several Christmas themed sermons. Each of my sermons will have a specific application point that can be put into practice. If interested, you can follow my sermons here.

One of the main reasons I’m writing is that the holidays can be an emotional time of year. On one hand, they can be joyous, fun, and entertaining. On the other hand, the holidays can be can be lonely, troubled, and difficult. Between decorating and travel, family and friends, and programs and parties, the holidays are busy.

Let me provide some suggestions that might assist us in having a blessed rather than burdened holiday season.

  1. Take time to be thankful. Too often the busyness and events of the holidays demand all of our time and attention. Find some time to pause, pray, and especially give thanks for all the blessings God has given you.
  2. Be quick to forgive. Christmas is a time of giving. Let us give forgiveness to that family member, friend, neighbor or co-worker with whom we have a broken relationship.
  3. Slow down. I realize I’m asking a lot here because most of us work hard to get ready to take time away for travel and other activities. Please don’t let the activities of the season drown out your ability to slow down and enjoy the true meaning of the season.
  4. Give a little extra. The Christmas season is a popular time to give above your tithes to help those in need. Christmas reminds us of the greatest gift—salvation through Jesus Christ. If any season should lead us to generosity, it is Christmas.
  5. Make time for someone who might be lonely. For many, the holidays represent who is no longer An important ministry this season could be simply spending time with someone who is alone. You can be their gift by just making time for them.
  6. Remember the season’s Reason. We would have little reason to thanks were God not so good and faithful to us. We would have no reason to celebrate Christmas without the advent of the Christ-child and his redemptive purpose for coming to earth. Above all else this season, think of Christ.

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