God, Our Healer

Bible Studies for Life Devotional originally published here at the Biblical Recorder

Focal Passage: Exodus 14:27-29; 15:22-27

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were in the Bible? Maybe you put yourself in the place of a disciple walking with Jesus? Or maybe an Old Testament hero like Moses or David or Daniel? At times I’ve wondered what it would be like to have existed in one of the Bible stories. There is actually a place for us in the Bible although it’s not very flattering. Truth be told, we are much like the people of Israel. Israel had just witnessed God sending plagues upon Egypt—ten of them. Israel had walked across the Red Sea on dry land. Israel had watched as God destroyed the Egyptian army with walls of Red Sea water. Even after those miraculous acts, Israel grumbled and complained faithlessly when they found a pool of bitter water in the wilderness. At Marah, Israel tested the Lord. Aren’t we much the same? We have been redeemed, protected, and provided for by God only to faithlessly grumble when something doesn’t go our way. If we find ourselves in the Bible, we are not the heroes, but the sinners. That is the point. Years later Jesus would face a similar situation to the people of Israel. He was also in the wilderness. Satan tempted Jesus to jump off the temple and show off God’s protection. Jesus replied, “Do not test the Lord, your God.” Jesus referenced the very text where Israel tested the Lord. They failed to trust God. We’ve done what they did. And that is why Jesus came, faced temptation, succeeded and ultimately went to the cross. We cannot obey our way into wholeness. We will never deserve the healing we need. But the healing and provision we need is available. It is available because Jesus refused to test the Lord, because Jesus obeyed perfectly when we disobeyed, because Jesus substituted his wholeness for our lack. Will you trust the perfect, risen Lord for your healing?

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