Will you share the wonder of Christmas?


This Sunday, I’m preaching on the subject ‘Tis the season to share the good news. The story is from Luke 2:8-20 where the angel appeared to shepherds to announce Jesus’ birth. Can you imagine what the shepherds experienced that night? Minding their own business, watching their sheep, and all of a sudden an angel appeared declaring to them that the long-awaited Messiah had been born in Bethlehem. It’s such a familiar story, but there are some things left to learn from this story.

  1. God’s good news is for all people. The angel told the shepherds the good news was for “all the people.” Announcing to shepherds affirmed that truth. Shepherds were lowly, unclean (because their employment wouldn’t allow them to keep the ceremonial laws), and poor. The angel and the heavenly host did not announce the Messiah’s birth to the rich, wealthy and powerful (though the gospel is for them as well), but announced it to the poorest and lowest of the day. God’s good news is to be shared with all people.
  2. God’s Christmas story is full of wonder. The events of the first Christmas are amazing: virgin conception, angelic announcements, “great with child” traveling for Mary to Bethlehem, birth in a stable (with no Dr., nurse or anesthesia and only Joseph to help deliver the child), God taking on human flesh, etc. All too often familiarity with these events can create apathy. We should pause this season to “ponder” (as Mary did) the Christmas events.

We should take the time this season to rejoice at the wonder of the Christmas story. We should look for people to share the good news of Christmas with. God sent his Son as a baby to become the sacrifice for your sins and mine. Christmas is good news.

Will you give to share the good news? The Lottie Moon Christmas offering goes directly to missionaries so they can share Christ with the nations.

Will you go to share the good news? Maybe a neighbor or co-worker needs the good news. Will step out of your comfort zone to share the good news this Christmas?

Will you learn to share the good news? Maybe you’re not sure what to say, how to tell someone about Jesus. Find someone who shares Christ and ask them to teach/show you what to say.

Will you pray to share the good news? The simplest and most direct way you can share this season is to pray that God will send workers into his harvest.

Christmas is a story of wonder and it is for all people. Will you share it?

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