Hand Out or a Hand Up?

imagesJust this week I had the opportunity to visit the Storehouse in Hendersonville, NC.  Our Women’s Ministry Director, Becky Garrett has been volunteering at the Storehouse. The Storehouse is one of our community mission partners. They have regular clientele that they provide with food assistance, budgeting classes, Christmas assistance, as well as spiritual counseling and prayer.

The Storehouse is just one of the numerous community partners we have at Mud Creek Baptist Church. We also partner with Interfaith Assistance Ministry, the Hendersonville Rescue Mission, and the Salvation Army. While these are not our only community partners, they provide an important ministry function here in Henderson County. They don’t just hand out food, money or assistance. They share a cloud database of clients (with about 18 total ministries) where they are able to track the individuals that have been helped.  This tracking and follow up allows them to diagnose ongoing needs where deeper involvement can assist individuals in changing their financial situation and providing them a hand up rather than just a hand out.

As Christians, we believe Jesus wants us to love everyone, minister to the hurting and struggling, clothe the desperate, feed the hungry, and care for the helpless. While a local church cannot meet every need, partnering with local Christian organizations is one way we seek to fulfill the ministry expectation of Jesus within our community.

There are three specific ways you can partner with us and with these fantastic organizations. First, pray for these organizations to have discernment and provision to meet needs this fall and through the holiday season. Second, give to our annual missions offering this Sunday at Mud Creek. Everything you give on Sunday (EVERYTHING) will go to mission partners, organizations, and needs just like these. Third, you can volunteer to serve at one of these organizations. I’ve linked their websites above so you can check them out.

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