Reckless Abandon

I’m writing this as I’m watching my son run, jump, climb and enjoy himself at the Mountain Play Lodge in Arden. He’s 3. He’s a joy to watch. And he (along with most every other boy here) plays with reckless abandon. We can learn positive and negative lessons from our children.

He plays that way because he he’s at a safe place under the watchful eyes of his parents. Because he trusts, he engages all his energy and faculties to explore this play world. He has freedom here (within certain boundaries) where he can run, play and learn.

I’m reminded that God has given us much freedom within the boundaries of His Word to run, learn, explore and engage the world around us. If we’ll trust the watchful Father who has given us that freedom, we too can take risks and live with a sense of reckless abandon (Paul on his missionary journeys, the apostles when they left their income to follow Jesus, Abraham leaving Ur, Moses dictating to Pharaoh the most powerful man in the world at the time, etc…). I believe God wants our trust so we can abandon our fears, our sins, our selfish ambitions and maybe even our dignity in order to follow our King.

But we cannot act and live with reckless abandon outside of God’s boundaries. Just today my son has tripped, fallen, pushed and even run over someone. Recklessly abandoning the rules and boundaries God has ordained will be chaotic and destructive for us as it is when our children don’t follow the rules. I know that has been the case when I have flaunted God ‘s rules in my life. Hasn’t that been true of you?

So where’s the balance? I believe it rests at the place where God’s Word meets faith. At times that will mean taking a risk, abandoning our fears and stepping out into the great plan of an omnipotent God. At other times it will mean pausing at the boundaries of God’s laws, recalibrating ourselves in obedience and patiently waiting our turn.

So let’s live with reckless abandon inside the boundaries of God’s Word. It will take faith. It will take knowing God’s Word. And it will take an enormous expense of joyous energy. May God help us to be ready.

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