The Fruitfulness of Friendship

There are many ways to have a fruitful life – relationships with God and family, discipline and conviction, accomplishing goals, friends, etc. My friends are a highly rewarding part of my life.  Good friends understand the mutual nature of friendship. God created humans with a need for others as well as the need to be “needed.”  God gave us friendships to meet our relational needs.  I’ve been blessed with great friends.  Sometimes, I have the privilege of encouraging, answering, or counseling one of my friends.  Other times, my friends offer me counsel, answer, or encouragement.  My word of advice – seek out someone to “befriend.” The old proverb proves itself true – “To find a friend one must show himself friendly.”  I was reminded today in a powerful sermon by one of my mentors, Dr. Thad Dowdle, that we are not to isolate ourselves.  I thank God for the friends in my life.  So be a friend to someone today.  Alleviate isolation.  Listen to a burden.  Pray for a need. Enjoy the rewards of fruitful friendships.

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