A Mountain Top Prayer Meeting

Before the Exodus, God spoke to Moses in a burning bush. Before Ezekiel prophesied life to dry bones, God met with the prophet. Before the Holy Spirit fell at Pentecost, the disciples met together for prayer in the upper room. Before the revivals in Europe and the Americas centuries ago, Christians met in prayer seeking God’s intervention. 

While our prayers and pleadings and preaching do not guarantee the work of God in revival, they are our only recourse. God alone can send a revival among his people and an awakening among the lost. Our part in God sending an awakening is prayer. 

Recently, my mentor and friend, Dr. Greg Mathis invited me to join him and other pastors for a special time of prayer on Tuesday May 5. I plan to attend. On Monday May 5, pastors from across North and South Carolina will gather on the property of Rev. Fred Lunsford to pray for a spiritual awakening. 

Fred Lunsford is a 95 year old preacher who believes in prayer. A WWII veteran who stormed the Normandy beaches on D-Day, Lunsford earned several medals in the service of his country. As Lunsford led several pastors to his place of prayer on a cold January morning, he did not discuss his military service. Rather, he talked about the burden God had given him to pray. He said, “The reason I am still here is because God has left me here to pray for a spiritual awakening.” 

This May 5 prayer gathering is a time to pray together. Private prayer is important for our individual lives, but corporate prayer is vital to the church. When the gathered church prays, God intervenes (see Acts 4). Praying together is a humble, corporate acknowledgement of our desperate need for God. 

This May 5 prayer gathering is an opportunity to pray together in a certain place. We can pray anywhere, but having a certain place is biblical. I’ll never forget one of Dr. Kenneth Ridings’ most famous sermons in Luke 11 where he emphasized the “certain place” where Jesus was praying. Fred Lunsford has a certain place where he goes to pray regularly. Every day when Fred wakes up, he takes the two mile drive to his “certain place” to pray.

On May 5, pastors and church leaders will gather at Vengeance Creek Baptist Church in Marble, NC at 10 am. From there we will trek to Rev. Lunsford’s special place of prayer atop the mountain for a time of concentrated prayer for revival and spiritual awakening. The event has been organized by Perry Brindley, JD Grant, David Horton, Michael Horton, Greg Mathis, Ralph Sexton, Jr. and Don Wilton. You can find out more information or register at the Mud Creek Baptist Church website.

What if you can’t make it? Will you take your lunchtime on that Monday May 5 to add your voice in asking God for a spiritual awakening in our land? 

You can read more about this invitation from Milton Hollifield, the Executive Director-Treasuer at the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina here.

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