As you Enter the New Year…

Happy New Year! As we begin the New Year many of us are evaluating the past year. How did we do? What could be better? What needs to change?

Whether we set resolutions, make commitments, reflect on the future, or largely ignore the transition that will take place on 12/31, the new year is coming. What will the New Year look like for you?

Recently, I was listening to a time management book entitled Eat That Frog, by Brian Tracy. Tracy recommends practices that will help us not procrastinate and be successful in our lives and endeavors. One of the practices dealt with assigning priorities to responsibilities. He asked the following questions: “What is the most important thing that we can do? What is the thing that if we do, we will certainly be effective and successful?” I believe asking and answer these questions in our places of employment, family, and relationships can be helpful for personal growth. But as I listened and considered Tracy’s recommendation, I couldn’t help but think that too much of what I do really doesn’t matter.

God created us to enjoy him and to glorify him forever. God designed us so that we could know him and love him. The greatest gift we’ve been given is the gift of being able to know God. And as followers of Jesus, we have the privilege of sharing that gift with others.

What is the most important thing that I can do? The most important thing I can do is to lead my neighbors and the nations to follow Jesus.

Our mission at Wilkesboro Baptist Church is leading our neighbors and the nations to follow Jesus. We accomplish this mission by worshiping, learning, serving, and replicating. As I reflected on Tracy’s questions, I was reminded that there is nothing more important that I can do than to lead others to follow Jesus.

Practically, leading others to follow Jesus begins with worship. When we worship, we reset our hearts to rightly surrender to God. When we bring, invite, and lead others to worship, we are beginning the process of disciple-making in the lives of others.

When we learn about Christ and share what we’ve learned, we help others grasp that following Jesus is full of meaning and depth.

When we serve others and invite others to serve with us, we reflect the love of God and create opportunities for spiritual development in the lives of others.

When we replicate the life of Jesus through others, we fulfill the mandate Jesus left us with in Matthew 28:18-20.

So are you doing what really matters? If not, why don’t you begin 2020 worshiping God and leading others to follow Christ?

Adapted from Commissioned: Leading our Neighbors and the Nations to Follow Jesus.

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