Monday Meditation-In the Presence of Jesus

At Wilkesboro Baptist Church, we are beginning our theme for 2017, reLIVING the Gospels. Today’s reading from Luke 1 dealt with the announcement of Jesus’ birth and Mary’s visit to her cousin, Elizabeth. Elizabeth was pregnant with John the Baptist at the time. When Mary entered her presence, John leapt in Elizabeth’s womb. The event prompted praise from Elizabeth and recognition of the presence of Jesus. 

This story got me thinking about how often I sense being in Jesus’ presence. I know there are times when I’ve sensed Jesus’ presence in worship and at other times in my life. But sometimes it seems I just can’t sense his presence. I wonder if you’ve ever felt that way. 

I wish we could always sense Jesus like Baby John did, but we can’t. What we should all be thankful for is that Jesus is present with us whether we sense him or not. Jesus promised to be with us always (My. 28:20). Take courage, even if you don’t sense Jesus, he is with you. 

Entering 2017 let me encourage you to make time to spend with Jesus. 

  • If you are at WBC, pick up a journal for reLIVING the Gospels and make time daily to read the Bible and write down your thoughts.
  • Be consistent in church attendance. There’s no better time for you to sense Jesus than in corporate worship.
  • Pray for someone else. There’s little more Christ-like than interceding for others in prayer. 
  • Share Jesus’ love and good news with others. Jesus died and rose for people to know him. Sharing him with others guarantees that we’re about his business.

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