Biblical Qualifications for Deacons

This Sunday, August 14, at Wilkesboro Baptist Church we will elect deacons. If you have a chance to read these comments, I would like to commend to the kind of man who makes a biblical deacon.

Two passages of Scripture highlight the biblical characteristics of deacons—Acts 6:1-7 and 1 Timothy 3:13-18. I’m going to list several characteristics below that come directly from these passages of Scripture. When thinking about who you should vote for, consider someone who embodies the following characteristics:

  • Spirit-filled—overflows with love and grace from the Holy Spirit.
  • Faithfilled—governed by trust in Jesus, not self, money, or others.
  • Worthy of respect—in demeanor, conduct, and integrity commands the respect of others.
  • Self-controlled—not controlled by others or foreign substances, but disciplined and temperate.
  • Biblically sound—knows, understands, and lives the truths of Scripture with a clear conscience.
  • Familyoriented—loves his wife and family (if he has a wife and family) and leads them toward Christ-likeness.
  • Othercentered—genuinely serves Christ, the church and others out of the overflow of the salvation he’s experienced.

Men who exhibit these characteristics are biblically qualified to serve as deacons. As the pastor at Wilkesboro Baptist Church, I’m honored to have served alongside 21 men this year who exemplify these traits. Would you prayerfully work through the deacons you will nominate to serve this year?

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