The Flu and an Isolated 4 Year Old

The past four days at our house have been quite interesting. Early Friday morning our oldest son woke up with a 102.7 degree fever, a terrible headache, and body aches. Later that morning he was diagnosed with the flu (ironic that he had a flu shot this season, but I’ll leave that for another blog). Will has improved steadily since then, but still has a low grade fever and all the congestion that goes along with the virus.
Our biggest challenge has been to keep him away from our 8 month old. Nathan suffered from RSV a couple of months ago and has a residual cough. The flu would be difficult on him. So, we’ve kept Will isolated in his bedroom with his germs as far away from Nathan as possible. Let’s just say that’s been a “fun” couple of days. We’ve spent a small fortune on treatments, Lysol, and sanitizer.
I’ve learned a lesson during this isolation experiment. Four year olds are not supposed to be by themselves, alone, for long periods of time. He’s been wound up and so ready to have company outside of his bedroom.
In truth, none of us are supposed to be isolated. Yes, we should have time alone with the Lord. And yes, some of us must sometimes be by ourselves. But God designed us to be around and with others. It was God himself who first uttered the words “it is not good” when he commented on Adam being alone before the creation of Eve.
So let me offer an encouragement to my readers. Don’t go it alone. You’re not meant to live in isolation. If you’re a follower of Jesus, you always have him with you. But no one should have to always be alone. That’s what Christ’s church is for. We are supposed to be friends to one another, love one another, and encourage each other through our difficulties, challenges, and circumstances. Some of you are thinking of someone who might be lonely. Reach out to them and be a friend. Some of you might be lonely and feel isolated. Please reach out to your church. If you’re not sure who can help you, ask me. If I am unable personally to meet your need, I’m sure I can find someone who can. Bottom line, isolation is not how we were intended to exist. Please don’t stay there or let someone you know stay there.

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