What is important in life? Does our life consist of the abundance of possessions? Is the good life the one with the newest toys and most up-to-date technologies? Is our best life now the one of health, wealth, and happiness? Do we need fame, money, or success to find the good life? If you are reading this, then you have life, but are you ready for death? Have you thought about what’s after death? Is there really a hell? What about heaven? Can we know where we might end up after this life?

The November 2021 sermon series at Wilkesboro Baptist Church will be LIFE, DEATH, HELL, HEAVEN. Each week, we will address one of these four themes. We’ll ask some questions (like the ones above), look at what the Bible says about each topic, and invite listeners to experience the abundant life God promises.

Jesus taught about the abundant life in John 10.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

John 10:10

My aim in this series is to be encouraging and evangelistic.

If you are a follower of Jesus already, my aim is to encourage you. These LIFE and HEAVEN messages should encourage you to thank God for the life you have and the heaven you can look forward to. The DEATH message should encourage you to face death with confidence knowing that death is not the end for the believer. The HELL message should encourage and motivate us to pray diligently and share the gospel faithfully with those who have not yet become followers of Jesus.

If you are not a follower of Jesus, my aim is to evangelize. The LIFE message will invite hearers to receive the full life Jesus offers. The DEATH message will motivate hearers to be ready to face the certainty of mankind’s mortality. The HELL message will remind hearers that judgment awaits those who have not believed in Jesus. The HEAVEN message will offer hearers the hope of eternal life in God’s presence.

As we enter November and begin this sermon series, here are several things I’m asking you to do.

To my readers who regularly attend Wilkesboro Baptist Church:

  1. Would you pray for those around you (family, friends, co-workers, neighbors) who are not following Jesus? You can use what we learn and discuss each week as prayer prompts for those who have yet to follow Jesus.
  2. Would you make plans to attend each week and invite someone to worship with you?
  3. Would you make plans to celebrate baptism with us on Sunday November 28?

To my readers who don’t regularly attend Wilkesboro Baptist Church:

  1. If you are a shut in or have another church home, would you pray for us at Wilkesboro Baptist this month? Would you pray that those who are not yet following Jesus would hear the gospel and respond?
  2. Would you watch our services on Youtube, Facebook, or Vimeo?
  3. Would you consider sharing these services with people that you know are not following Jesus?

Readers, I’m looking forward to this sermon series. It is important that we all hear what the Bible has to say about LIFE, DEATH, HELL, HEAVEN.

It is even more important that we follow Jesus and accept his invitation to experience the abundant life.

May God grant grace and peace to you and to those who have yet to follow Jesus.